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If I had a “Mom” — I would know how to cook chicken.

**This ties into Foster Care at the end…really, it does….

In order to stimulate Moonlight to eat more, the specialist, Dr. T, told me to cook some chicken and feed it to her.  NOT fast food chicken like KFC or McDonalds, but home-cooked.


Only home-cooked plain chicken and her special food.

I have NEVER cooked chicken.  I was too embarrassed to ask him how to do it, so I figured I would read on the internet.  The internet was more confusing than helpful.  Each article had a different time and a different temperature.  Shit.  NONE of them told me what kind of pan I needed and all of them put “stuff” on or in the chicken.  Moonlight can only have plain chicken.

You may think this is stupid…but seriously, I eat junk food like fast food or I eat what I get at work (for free).  I cook some things in the microwave like soup.  And I eat ALOT of peanut butter sandwiches.  I eat ramen noodles which you cook in a pan on the top of the oven (they are real cheap).  I eat pizza sometimes.  I like to eat ALOT of cookies (the cheap ones).  I like to eat ALOT of candy.  Mostly I try to eat what I can at work…we get free food there if we work through meal-times.

I don’t eat home-cooked chicken.  I don’t even have pans for that.

So, I went to the store and asked the meat man how to cook plain chicken for my dog.  At this point, I didn’t care if I looked like an ass, I could always go to another supermarket.  He told me to buy a glass pan, cook at 350 for 40-45 minutes.  But check it around 30 minutes.  He said it should turn from pink to white.  I wrote it all down, so I would not forget.  OK.  Check.


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