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Foster kids and food… It sure can be a fucked-up relationship.

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So, this morning I woke up and as soon as I opened my eyes, a DONUT flashed before me.  I thought I was hallucinating, so I blinked my eyes and looked around…no donut.   But the image of a Krispy Kreme Chocolate Ice Creme Filled Donut freaking haunted me from the bathroom to the kitchen to down and up the stairs with the dogs.  Oh shit…have you evep to ar had one of those?  Let me put it this way, they are so sweet that my lips pucker when I eat one.

I understand that some of you may not know what a Krispy Kreme is….before you die, FIND OUT.

Donuts kick depressions’s ass!.

Krispy Kreme is famous for the donut machine that they use… the first one in the Smithsonian (CLICK HERE).   I have never been to the Smithsonian and dont know anything about it, but in the Krispy Kreme store, there are newspaper articles about it.  Honestly, the freaking donuts should be in the Smithsonian!!  You can smell them down the street…. and they melt in your mouth upon impact.

All I cared about was the donuts in my mouth…stuffing my feelings away.


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are YOU guilty of treating foster kids like trash?

We all know the classic image of a young child in foster care standing there with a black trash bag either barely filled or bursting at the seams waiting for the worker to come and pick the child up.  Who the hell thought of putting foster kid’s belongings in trash bags?  Who?      Or used, beat-up old boxes?  Who?  Or pillow cases?  Who?

To you “big people,” it may seem like nothing…

but do you carry your “treasures” in a trash bag or a beat-up old box or a pillow case?

I don’t think so.

Trash is carried in trash bags.            Dirty laundry is carried in trash bags.

Dead bodies are carried in trash bags.

Treasures are not.

And so what, if the “treasures” a foster child has are old, stained, ripped, broken… they have meaning to the child… and it’s not TRASH.  But yet…it is treated that way the minute it is put into a trash bag or a beat-up old box.


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