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the struggle of a strawberry…and of foster kids

The other night i could not sleep at all.  Some of it was my usual “i cant sleep” problems, but some of it was because i was still feeling thrilled from a day of strawberry picking..  i have NEVER done that before and the thrill of looking for the “brightest, juiciest” strawberries was still in my bones.  So, since i couldnt sleep and we know i really like comparisons… i began thinking about how strawberries are alot like foster kids.

Really, they are.  Follow me here on my latest analogy…


A strawberry field is HUGE.  There are hundreds of plants in the field and a farmer must care for the strawberries properly, so that they grow.  If they don’t get enough water or food or sunlight, they will dieIf berries only get the minimum, they may grow, but they won’t thrive to be the best strawberry possible.  If they get too much water, they may die.  Strawberries are sensitive fruits.  If the farmer only provides minimum care, the berries will just barely hang on, fighting to survive.

Strawberries must be attached to the vine to grow.  If they are not attached or only half-attached, the berries are doomed.  But if the attachment is strong and the needs are met, the strawberries will grow, mature, and burst into a beautiful red delight.

At some time during the season of the berries,  the farmer makes the decision when picking season can start…

Once the farmer approves the berries for picking, people come from all over to pick from the huge field. They pay money to make a selection.  There are many berries to select from,  thousands and thousands.  But everyone is looking for the “perfect” strawberry.  The best, the juiciest, the redest, the sweetest.  No one wants to take the “bad” berries or the deformed berries or the berries that seem to have problems making it.  Nope.  No-one wants the “damaged berries.


The perfect berries get picked quickly and people “ooo” and “aaa” over them with excitement.  These perfect berries go home with the pickers and fit perfectly into fulfilling the need or want of the person who picked the berry.  They maybe used to make a perfect strawberry shortcake, bursting with beauty or used for a wonderful fruit salad.  The perfect strawberry is super satisfying.

But the “bad” berries hang onto the vines in the field for weeks, because no-one picks them.  People may come by and look at the strawberry, but after a quick glance over or evaluation, the pickers move on… still looking for the best berry, not the damaged one.  The damaged or bad  berries eventually die or fall off the vine into the field, where they will be trampled on, kicked around, or eaten by a preditor.  Many of these strawberries never make it.   Those that arent detroyed by preditors, shrivel in the field, alone… and die.


Foster kids

The number of children in foster care is HUGE.  There are over 500,000 kids in foster care and over 120,000 waiting to be adopted.  Foster parents must care for the children properly; providing food, water, shelter from the elements, and clothing so that the child grows.  This is the MINIMUMLike strawberries, children need more than the minimum to thrive.  A child needs love, support, attention, and caring to thrive, heal, and grow into being the best adult possible. Like strawberries which are a sensitive fruit, foster children are sensitive; their world has taught them harsh lessons that they may feel shame or guilt about.  Foster parents that only provide the minimum, will not see improvement in the child; as the child will just barely hang on to survive.


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