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back to the dentist and back to dogs


Tomorrow i go back to the dentist for my 2nd appointment with the cool dentist, but the mean hygienist.  i am more nervous than i was the first time.  i did look up how to brush your teeth correctly….so for all your circle people like me, we are WRONG

You are suppose to brush at a 45 degree angle and then the other teeth like up and down.  i don’t even know what a 45 degree angle looks like…. screw it… here it is with pictures – click   Get to #2 on this handy dandy guide

…so circles are out and angles are in… who knew?


On another front…. BIG NEWS….  i looked at three dogs … on the internet … that are housed by rescue organizations.  i haven’t looked at dogs since Moonlight died, so that was a big step.  im betting that the rescue groups won’t pick me though for some reason that they decide.  i still miss Moonlight like crazy, but i miss having a companion with me to hang out and goto parks and go hiking, and just being… Moonlight was my best friend even above all people I ever met…

i cried when i alasksaw the first dog on the internet, because it looked like a baby Moonlight.  But, i saw my vet the other day and she told me NOT to get a baby Moonlight… because i will constantly compare Moonlight to the new dog.  That was her advice.  My vet is very smart and i think she is right. There is no dog that could ever live up to Moonlight, i don’t think.

For those of you that don’t know, Moonlight was magic. When i would wake up in the closet confused, she was there.  When i would wake up confused in the hallway, she was there.  When i would wake up covered in blood from cutting myself, she was there, covered in blood too.  She went everywhere with me… even to work sometimes.  She made me feel safe.  When she got sick, i learned to cook for her.  When she got sick, i took real good care of her. She was the most straight-going creature i have ever met, no games with Moonlight.  Moonlight was magic…. and I miss her…

… so based on my vets smart advice, the next two dogs that i saw on the internet did NOT look like a baby Moonlight, they looked like “other” dogs.  i am not looking at puppies, but young adults. it seems like there are alot of puppies at rescue groups… that is so sad.

i cry each time i think of getting another dog.  i wouldn’t want Moonlight to feel like she is being replaced. she could never be replaced… i just miss having a dog….


*For those of you wondering, my other dog Shadow became KC’s dog… it’s ALL GOOD though.. the goofballs were meant for each other.  It’s a long story and a long blog….

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