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Dr. SS – The sinking ship is slightly sort of sailing…


So I saw Dr. SS (the new therapist)….I will from now on refer to her as Dr. Sam.

lysol-19oz-spray-pk12-early-morning-purple1First, let me say, she is NO Dr. Val.  But she seemed kind of cool and her office is decorated very cool.  She collects rocks which she has in her office. She has some drift wood outside her window.  She has Lysol in her office and I said something and she told me that no-one ever noticed that. I notice EVERYTHING, right?  To keep myself safe.


Let’s do some comparisons…..2605884227_499bc9cfac

The thing I don’t like is that the couch had “crumbs” on it… and I did not want to sit in someone else’s crumbs.  Maybe I will tell her one day… I did not leave crumbs in Dr. Val’s office.  I would tell Dr. Val when there was stuff on the floor that bothered me.  Dr Val saw kids too, so they left crumbs behind, but Dr. SS does not see kids, so no excuse for crumbs on the couch.

Dr. Sam asks a lot of questions and took notes.  Dr. Val told me she took notes when we started working together, but I don’t remember that at all…I was so spaced out, I barely remember the first year I spent with Dr. Val.

Dr Sam43261-01_kft_ignite_lotion_50ct_upright_azure_1 is NOT real good with tissues.  Dr. Val used to give me the tissues AND the trash can.  Dr. Sam has tissues, but you have to get off the crumb-filled couch to get them… and there is no trash can, so I had a wad of tissues in my hand.  I think I will bring my own dam tissues.  Maybe I should bring my own dam trash can too.

This next piece of information will show the blog crew how far I have come in my therapy with Dr. Val…. Ready?

I was able to stay present for the entire time with Dr. Sam….. yup, no spacing out (dissociating) or anything.  I am shocked!  Seriously, this is a HUGE step in my development… remember how I used to space out ALL the time… Dr. Val helped me so much that I could sit in an office with Dr. Sam and not space out… although I don’t remember everything we talked about.  And I did tell Dr. Sam that I did not want to talk about some issues, which shows my growth.  In the past, I would have just spaced out…


Dr Sam is both a therapist and a psychiatrist, which is hard to believe because most shrinks just do meds and you get like 5 minutes with them and walk out with a prescription or two or three….. but she said she was trained in therapy too.  I guess we will see…. If Dr. Val oked it, I guess it is ok.

Dr Sam said Dr. Val seemed really cool and that Dr. Val cared about me a lot.  I was like Dr Val is the coolest and I care about her a lot and I cried.

I work a lot now, a real job… weird hours for most people with jobs… very early in the morning to early/mid afternoon…. Can you guess my new job?  Anyway, Dr. Sam said she could give me appointments towards the end of the day, so I could come.  Before with Dr. Val, since I worked different crazy hours at the deli/restaurant, I saw her in the early afternoon and just made sure my work hours did not conflict with her!

Dr. Sam talks alot.  Dr. Val talked alot.blahblah_57657517-800x706

Dr. Sam is not as gentle as Dr. Val.  I don’t like that.  Even though I am older, I need someone gentle.

Dr. Sam has dogs.  Dr. Val had all kinds of pets when she was younger.

Group of pets together in front of white background



Dr. Sam costs more $$ than Dr. Val… alot more.  And my new benefits (yup I have benefits now!) don’t cover Dr. Sam right now, because of something called a deductible…


I told Dr. Sam that she will probably dump me.  Right?  I am not the easiest client around….

Who wants to bet that Dr Sam won’t stick around that long….


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Under Attack and Dr. Val’s Favorite Snack


I have not been able to post for days because there was suspicious activity on mlocky blog and WordPress locked me out to protect my blog. Seriously.

PLEASElock, if you want to mess with my blog, PLEASE don’t.  This is just a blog about me and foster care and my craziness.  There are many other blogs that are better to attack.  This is definitely not the one.  In fact, it’s kind of a lame blog because it is just about my lame life.

If you have a problem with me or my blog, put it in the comments and I will seriously try to email you to clear things up.  Ok?

Really, WordPress saved me by helping me get me back in after LOTS of begging and emails to prove my blog was my blog.  It was A LOT of effort, but you gotta thank those folks…. And I don’t even pay for an upgrade.  Pretty cool, eh?  Go wordpress!


Someone in the comments section asked me about Dr. Val’s favorite snack.  As you know now, I moved away from Dr. Val, but I talk to her twice a week… sigh…  I moved for a great job, but its killing me and I miss her greatly. (job info coming up)

(If you are nscreen-shot-2016-01-29-at-3-23-06-pmew to the blog, Dr. Val is/was my therapist for YEARS.  I saw her like 2-3 times a week, because I am/was so messed up… but she really helped me)

During all our years together, I never did ask what her favorite snack was.  So here I am, eating puffy Cheetos in tribute to her, and it was almost all wrong. 

She told me she has TWO favorite snacks… one when she is trying to be  more healthy and one when she is not.   Drum roll please….

Her healthy alternative is “a good block of cheese and pretzels.”

Her unhealthy alternative is “ a good queso with chile peppers and fried tortilla chips.”

Dr. Val LOVES cheese……3-11-say-cheese

Yes, I got the cheese part correct with the Cheetos, but not that close.  I love Cheese too…. But Dr. Val probably buys expensive cheese and I buy the Kraft SHARP cheddar cheese block or store brand and eat the whole thing.  Dr. Val probably does not eat the whole thing.  And pretzels…. well….. with cheese?  She needs some good crackers… don’t you think so?

Actually I have never had pretzels with cheese… maybe I should try it sometime.  She told me pretzels are healthier because they are not fried.  Hmm….


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