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No beignets, but eclairs and profiteroles today -Part 2


All the experieSaltedCaramel2_1024x1024nce i had at the deli/restaurant paid off because it took me to community college and where i am today. If you recall, at my old job there was  a couple of salads that i created at the deli/restaurant that went on the menu and my boss made incredible cakes that i would watch and help bake if i could.  Recall how i was greedy and  i used to save slices for myself!  All that experience with him helped!… even though i was probably the worst employee he ever had.

I never thought i would be anything. with Dr. Val, i was able to grow and take chances and do this.  And with her, i was able to move away to search out my passion. but gosh i miss her so much!

So, i moved to become an assistant at a large bakery in (city).  It’s a real good job and the bakery has been around for along time!  See, the way you make it in the pasty industry is by getting as much experience as you can and learning from different chefs. then you can climb the ladder.  Someday i could own my own bakery!




So, i start work real early.  I have to be at work at 4 AM.  It is a magical time because most of the city is still asleep, as i make my way to the bakery.  It is quiet and serene. It’s quite beuatiful actually.

It can be a long day sometimes 10-12 hours a day.  I usually get a couple of breaks, but i dont care about them. One is for lunch.  The nice thing about the place i am working is that you CAN eat, but the rule of thumb is to kind of take the ones that are not so great looking.

As you know i have a terrible time sleeping, so it actually works out for me because i can be awake at starting at 2 and sleep during the day/early eveninLebovitz-Multigrain-Bread-Recipe-thumb1x1g. In the morning, we clean real well and prep everything and get breads baking and morning pastries and baked good. I haLebovitz-Multigrain-Bread-Recipe-thumb1x1ve really learned to appreciate breads and you blog crew should too. There is a precision involved to getting the right loaf.  People really are into multigrain breads these days and we sell out alot.

We do another cleaning in the afternoon after the morning rush.  Everything is SUPER clean, so if you are ever concerned, don’t worry… at least the bakery I work in.

Luckily i don’t work with customers, right?  I am in the back doing my job. As time goes on, i will learn more about managing the bakery team, managing ingredients, and managing product.  This you learn from chefs with experience.

SWeddingCakes_Hexagon_White_Rosesometimes i work for special events, like weddings and graduations, where the people need cakes and pastries.  This bakery makes beautiful cakes and i hope that someday i can reach for the same level of beauty.

Unlike my old job and old boss, i don’t think i would get alot of chances if i dont show up, or show up too late.  Plus i just started.  So i pray that my depression says away.


It’s hard.  i moved to follow a dream, but i also moved away from Dr. Val, my therapist; the only friend I ever had, K.C. and her family; and things that had been familiar to me for many years.  My old city with Dr. Val’s help became a safe place…  now it’s all new.

Changing word Unsafe into Safe


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A job becomes a career, let’s toast with a beer


If you were reading this blog years ago, you know I stopped blogging for several years.  There is a reason why and 2 readers got the job guess right on my previous post – Award to those two!

Read this blog from 2011 for a hint: Its funny too.



So, if you have been reading the blog lately, you know that i moved.  i moved away from everything i knew for many years, my therapist, my friend, my apartment, everything….. i moved so much in my life that I thought i would always stay in the other city…. i think it was the longest i ever lived anywhere!!

free-vector-laughing-and-pointing-emoticon_133428_laughing_and_pointing_emoticon… but…well…and no laughing please….

i used to work in the food service industry (at the deli/restaurant, remember, i made food and plated, etc..not so much customer service)  and well, i was not a stellar performer. i was so depressed and lost, that i sucked at things like showing up on time, working with the customers, etc, remember? let’s be real… my boss and his wife should have fired me like a bilzion times, but they are good people and kept giving me chances.


so if you read the private blog, remember i took two college classes  — remember my hip hop class and the dinosaur class that i dropped out of — well folks, don’t pass out, i actually went to a community college in my old city and worked my ass off to get a degree.

not in anything real smart… but in something that well, really suits me — baking.

say hellomaking-cake-clipart-1 sweets, LT wants to be a pastry chef some day. so all those sweets that i used to talk about and eat and dream of, are now in my hands … ah shit, and still in my mouth . people tell me i will get tired of them, but i dont see that happening. its like all the mistakes i make, they gotta go somewhere, right?

but truth, the college thing was hard. don’t get me wrong, i loved it, but it was hard. i always wanted to be a social worker… for the kids… but the reality is, its not meant to be.  i learn best through hands on  and all the reading and memorizing killed me.. with lots of thought and help from smart other people, i came to this realization and figured out what i  would be good at!  and baking or food was it…. lol.  Since i had alot of experience working in food, it seemed like a natural extension of some of my abilities

in my program at the community college i went to in my city, “baking and pastry arts,” i had to take an english class, a math class,  a psychology class a nutrition class and a communication class. i also took a managerial class to learn about marketincollege student girl studying for university exam worried in stress asking for helpg and trends and purchasing… those classes were hard for me. the english writing part was not hard for me… (wala, think of the blog) but the reading was hard.  i learned techniques that helped me.  the communication class was really really hard, because i tend to be on the shy side with the public, but i learned alot.

classes like sanitation and food safety were easy for me because i worked in the deli/restaurant for so long, and other food industries, that i already had that applied experience.

pastry classthe most amazing part of my program was the baking classes and labs. they were amazing! i got to be creative and learned all these techniques to create baked goods. it was really cool (except for the uniform i have to wear and no street clothes). it was alot of hands on, which is the best way for me to learn. i learned to bake cakes and breads and pastries and learned to decorate and garnish and plate and put cakes together…shit, i learned things that i did not even know existed.  the classes were small so the chefs were able to give us individual attention and help with techniques. i had an internship in my city where i worked at a bakery to learn more and apply everything i learned in school.  it was awesome experience!

oh my gosh, i even had a class in chocolate….  can you imagine?!  i had to keep the drool from falling out of my mouth!

at school, i worked so hard that my chefs helped me locate this job that they thought would be perfect for me. my chefs said i had “food passion” which face it blog crew, from reading all these years, you know i love food!… and especially anything sweet.


More to come in Part 2…..






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