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goodbye to my savior


Hey.  It has been along while since i wrote this blog. Years eh? Can you believe i am still kicking?…  i looked back through all the blogs I wrote since 2009 and so many of them were filled with dreams of death … that i even cant believe i am still here.  f’ing shocking.  (didn’t use the whole word for my reader that is against my foul mouth but for green vegetables)

we all know why i am still here and this blog page is a tribute to her… Dr Val.thpaper


logo-therapy-brain(Look, It’s been so long that I am learning to figure out this new wordpress, so i am figuring out pictures and shit that made it so …should we say visual and interesting…)

i moved…. … … … again… …

Yup, packed up the little crap i own and moved again.  how many times has that been in my life?  it probably takes more than 2 hands and 2 feet to count.


… don’t laugh too hard, but i moved for a job opportunity.  yeah i said job…and it was the right thing to do .

oh shit, has it been hard.

the woman that saved my life is not here. … and it is killing me

the most beautiful hearted person i ever met

…… the kindest person i ever met

………   the SMARTEST person i ever met

………..          the gentlest person i ever met

………..             the least selfish person i ever met

…………..           the person i learned to trust

……. the person who helped me feel safe in this world


the person that saved my life

……..didnt come with me.

(trust me i tried as hard as i could to get her to move and yes i still tried begging for the adoption thing, but no luck)


The day i left, i gave her the chamber to my gun.  you get what that means right?

i wish that i could have given her more, because she gave me so much.   you guys couldnt believe where i am today.  how far i have come, what changes she helped me with… you cant possibly believe it.  i cant believe it

i talk with her twice a week, but she insists that i find a new therapist and “transition” to someone else.  how the hell can i do that..?

i hope she know how much i l-ve her…





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