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There wouldn’t be this drama… if foster care had been a good mama.


So, here is the deal.  I have two therapists… Dr. Val who I have been seeing forever and moved away from because I got a new job.  Then there is Dr. Sam who is the “newbie” and I am supposed to be transitioning to see her in my new city.

I know you all don’t want to read about my therapist drama,…..

…. but seriously, read the title and think.confusion-master-isolated-images-fdp-etpr

If foster care had done it’s job all the years I spent in it, I probably wouldn’t need any therapist as an adult…   Or not so much therapy… Right?

I can’t recall spending much time in therapy as a child. I can count a HANDFUL of times when I saw a therapist. One particular therapist I remember because she used a sandbox to show me the concept of “coming” (push the sand towards me) and “going” (push the sand away from me).  But I sure as hell didn’t get enough help for all the years of abuse I had.  And I sure didn’t get help for issues that developed in foster care…more abuse, cutting, eating stuff…etc.

I bet if I asked the question  if the foster parents reading this blog actually had foster children get help, most of you will tell me “yes” as needed.  But I think you are all the outliers… maybe the good foster parents out there.  (As long as you don’t throw your kid in a transporter to pick him/her up after therapy…right)


I can’t remember most of the kids I met on the street having “therapy” while in foster care… what’s the deal?

Isn’t just being in foster care enough of a reason to be in therapy?  It is not a normal situation…


What a screw-up.


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