I challenge you to trashbags


The other night I was watching the TV news and there was a story on about foster kids. It was a news story about an organization that provides back-trash kidpacks for the kids, so they don’t carry their stuff in trash bags.  The reporter started the story off with a classic picture of a kid carrying a trash bag, and ended the story with a map of all the states that this organization has sent back-packs to… almost every state in the US..

How is this still possible?  How has this not changed?  How can foster parents not think about this at all?  For the life of me, I don’t understand this. This hasn’t changed since the time I was in care and before me!  What a fucking easy thing to change.


I may be stupid, but I know trash bags are for trash— stuff you usually don’t want.  You think it doesn’t bother us that we carry trash bags or beat up old boxes.  Is that what we are?  Is that what our stuff is?

Yeah, someone is going to tell me that when they moved and packed up their stuff, they put their stuff in trash bags.  Don’t you see how that is different?  That is your choice.  A foster kid has no choice because we are not getting a choice between a back-pack/suitcase Ugly_3aaa81_633357or a trash bag.  Foster parents and workers just use them without thinking.

Don’t you think we already feel like trash?  We live in a world of chaos and in many cases  in a world where people don’t want us, or choose other things instead of choosing us. We realize this. To this day, I feel like a piece of thrown out trash.

You know, I have written about this before, but what the hell?  This is such a simple thing to change, why does there have to be organizations that take up this cause… why aren’t foster parents aware enough to get this? …. and social workers too!

Sometimes little things mean a hell of a lot to kids in chaos.

Maybe foster parents and workers should put there stuff in a trash bag (purses, wallets) and carry it around for awhile.  See what you feel like?  Visit other homes with your trash bag.  Walk down the street with your trash bag. Probably just the thought of replacing your purse with a trash bag is something you can’t ever consider.

Geez, how much does a back-pack or suitcase cost? $15 at Walmart….some even cheaper

If you can’t afford one, maybe you shouldn’t be caring for foster kids.





September 9, 2018 at 1:38 pm 15 comments

Tips, tiredness and transitions


So, a couple blog crew members have asked about tips for food issues and other issues.  Check out the top of the blog where it says “Some Tips…”  There are a whole bunch of blogs that have tips from my point of view. Remember I am no therapist or social worker, just grew up a foster kid… If you don’t want to read the beginning of the blog, most tips are at the end…

Here is one for food issues:


So, my job is going good. I am learning alot, but dam, am I tired. I never worked so hard in my life. I feel like I have no time for much else… Even walking Tide is difficult some days.  I had two days off in a row, Sunday and Monday…so all I have been doing is laundry, dishes, and sleeping. I watched cartoons and cooking shows yesterday. Rarely do I get Sundays off…Someone-laying-on-the-couch-underneath-a-blanket_pexel


I haven’t really met too many possible friends at work.  I focus alot on my work and am weary of people. See previous blog on attachment. I wish I wasn’t so fucked up. Honestly, I thought this transition would be majorly different, like all of a sudden I would meet a ton of friends and hang out all the time, talking about baking and sweet foods.

But nah, magic doesn’t happen like that.orange-tabby-cat-greyswan618-41417785-600-400

My pets have transitioned easier then me… which I am glad about. I was worried about them, since Blaze is a major “homebody.”

I am scared to talk to people, so I just watch everyone else talk.  Maybe I need to take up a hobby, but dam am I tired…


September 4, 2018 at 9:16 pm 8 comments

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